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Motion Capture Services

As a cost saving measure, performance capture has become an indispensable tool for creative visionaries, enabling a new level of creative freedom and efficiency.

Our in-house performance capture studio offers directors, game/app developers, and advertising creatives comprehensive services and capabilities.

It is available to any production seeking reliable performance capture, facial capture,  pre-visualization, full CG animation and everything in between!


  • Pre-ProductionAssistance in planning of capture sessions ensuring an efficient and enjoyable process for the client.
  • Full Performance Capture –  Full body, face, fingers, etc.
  • Multiple Full Body Capture – Simultaneous character capture (up to 3 characters).
  • Real-time Visualization –  Immediate data playback (up to 3 characters).
  • Facial Capture – (marker-based or markerless PhaseSpace system) ability to capture lip-sync, subtle facial expressions and movements.
  • Support – Data clean-up, preparation, and transfer.


Our stage is booked in full and half-day segments. Our standard booking includes:


  • MOCAP Engineer and PA/QA Assistant
  • MOCAP Suits and Markers
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Free On-Site Parking


For our large commercial clients, particularly those with animation needs, we provide an engineering staff for the shoot and complete pre and post-production.

The same stage, cameras, and computers are utilized for our clients who can handle their own post/animation needs.

Contact us for further inquiries or to book services.


Brain Zoo Studios

17412 Ventura Blvd. STE. 202

Encino, CA 91316

T (818) 757 3994